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1230000240857 - Sierra Summers, VJ Summers: Unmasking Dorian - Kniha


Unmasking Dorian (2014) (?)

Dodávky od: Spojené státy americkéKniha je v anglickém jazyceNová knihaeBook, ebook, digitální knihaprodukt pro digitální stahování

1230000240857 (?)

, v angličtině, Sierra Summers, Sierra Summers, Sierra Summers, Nové, eBook, Digitální stahování
Blurb: Dorian Jenner is an uncover vice cop and a serious Dom. Cassidy Anderson-Lassiter has moved to Detroit with her daughter to work for her new brother in law Marcus Worthington, and heal from the loss of her husband. She finds a book on BDSM in her sister Carrie's old apartment. The subject immediately catches her attention. Since the death of her husband Cass has put all she is into raising her daughter. Her wild child days are over, but there is something missing. She's grown cold inside, afraid to make the wrong move in life. To add some excitement she decides to explore the on-line world of D/S. It couldn't hurt, it's not like she was ever going to meet someone from the computer. That is until she meets Master Darken. He is patient and kind. He takes her to places she'd never known. What starts online eventually leads to a real life meeting. Even though she can't see his face, his actions, his words wrap her in a whirl wind of erotic sensations that thaw the cold in Cassidy's soul. Hidden behind the mask, Dorian knows that Cass was meant for him, but she is skittish and afraid of the world outside the safe cocoon she's wrapped herself in. One night she begs to see who the man behind the mask is. What follows is a tempest of emotions that threaten everything Cassidy thought she wanted and needed for herself and her daughter.
Kategorie: Erotica
Klíčová slova: Unmasking Dorian Sierra Summers, VJ Summers Adult Erotica 1230000240857
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