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1230000243421 - David Gamow with Karen Gamow: Freedon From Stress - Kniha


Freedon From Stress (2014) (?)

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1230000243421 (?)

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A lifetime of study and personal practice as well as many years of lecturing and teaching have provided easy-to-learn exercises that can be practiced in the workplace or at home. Freedom From Stress is both practical and powerful as it explores how to reduce your stress permanently! Researchers cite 60-90 percent of doctor visits are related to stress. Stress costs American businesses over $300 billion per year. Yet most stress-fighting techniques and "solutions" help only temporarily, or worse, often covering up the symptoms without addressing the underlying causes and effects! The approach detailed in this book has been clinically proven not only to alleviate many symptoms of stress but to change the physiological and neural responses of those who practice the simple exercises. Dealing in depth with both the mental and physical components of stress, this program has taught and significantly helped thousands of people throughout corporate America. Now, for the first time, this compelling program is available to everyone! ! "I highly recommend this training. It's an excellent investment in our people - something that improves their performance on the job, and in life." Toni Smith, Human Resources Manager, Dionex! ! "The response to your program has been so enthusiastic, our company president asked to join in on last week's session." Lisa Vere, Training Director, Rosendin Electric! ! DAVID and KAREN GAMOW are two of America's foremost corporate stress management and meditation trainers. They are founders of Clarity Seminars, based in the Silicon Valley in California. Their popular and highly-rated trainings are used by many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies including:! Hitachi! Nokia! Westin Hotels! U.S. Army! Yahoo! Ernst & Young! Oral-B! San Jose Police Department! Hilton Hotels! ! Stanford School of Medicine! "This was the most useful and excellent course I have ever taken in my life."! Meredith Brown, Nurse, Seton Medical Center! ! "I heard rema
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